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Traditional medicines have been given a boost in their desire to be NAFDAC-approved.

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Dr Charles Odueze, a pharmacist, is reported to have said traditional medicines have the prospects of reliability.

Odueze told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Tuesday that traditional medicines have already been used to cure some diseases but the approval of a drug is dependent on the credibility of the clinical trials and research process.

He said it is not enough for a drug to work on one person and not work on the other.

“We are in the age where we do evidence-based medicine, anybody can claim anything, but it has to be subjected to clinical trial and research.

“This is why there is a need to subject any medicine to clinical trials so that there will be evidence to show that the medicine is working.

“If a drug works on one person and does not work on another, it is not good enough.

“This is why it is important that there is a process to ascertain the reliability of the product.”

Odueze said the clinical trial of drugs and products would encourage traditional drug promoters to have a room to present any product they had.

According to him, all that is required is to get the medicine through research, development and then certify the reliability of the drug, which is the end process.

This will be a big boost with many ramifications. For one, it would be economically advantageous as traditional medicines can grab a larger share of the market. So also, verification would mean a standardisation of the drugs which means there would be dosages and quantification. A side benefit is the propagation and nurturing of the ways and culture of Nigerians via codification of the drug-making process and the local names and methods used.