ndleaAgency Report

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has recorded another victory in its fight against drug trafficking.

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Yesterday, the NDLEA arrested two men in connection with the trafficking of cocaine. This happened at the international arm of the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos.

Mr Mitchell Ofoyeju, the agency’s spokesperson, said one of the men was arrested on his way to Hong Kong after ingesting cocaine. The other man, a resident of Athens, was also arrested for unlawful possession of wrapped substances which tested positive for cocaine.

The men were found out and arrested during pre-flight screening for passengers on an Ethiopian Airline flight to Hong Kong and an Egypt Airline flight bound for Athens.

“One of them excreted 45 wraps of cocaine he ingested, weighing 935 grammes while the other excreted five wraps of cocaine weighing 215 grammes.

“Both suspects tested positive for narcotic ingestion and while under observation, they expelled wraps of cocaine which they had wanted to smuggle out of the country. The suspects are currently under investigation.”

The chairman of the agency, Mr Muhammad Abdallah, reiterated the drive of the agency and warned that drug traffickers would be caught and would face the full extent of the law.

Measures have been put in place at all exit and entry points for the detection of narcotics.