By Lordson Okpetu

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A pathetic video has surfaced online showing soldiers protesting lack of care by the Buhari-led government. The person who posted the video on Youtube thanked one Ahmed Abdullahi for the exposure. It is still not clear who Ahmed Abdullahi is.

In the said video, obviously shot by one of the soldiers, the soldiers who were on a mission to capture a village named Alagarno were seen complaining bitterly about government abandonment even after successfully completing their mission to liberate the village from Boko Haram.

The soldiers can be heard saying that they dropped 17 bombs in their 4-days offensive to capture the village, but yet were abandoned by the government to die from hunger and starvation. They appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to quickly come to their aid.

Two soldiers can be seen lying on the floor unconscious, apparently from dehydration.

One of the soldiers who took turns to speak said they’ve been station in the northeast since 2014 fighting the islamic insurgents.

Another soldier who spoke expressed sadness that it is a shame that after fighting Boko Haram insurgents gallantly, it will be a shame to now die of thirst and starvation in the dessert. Yet another was heard saying that over 70 soldiers have fainted from thirst in one day.

Reacting to the video on social media, Nigerians have heavily descended on the Nigerian government expressing their displeasure at the federal government over the content of the video.

Some Youtube reactions