ShiitesShiites under the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) group have clashed with the police in Kano city on Monday morning.

The clashe took place in Kwanar Dawaki where it got violent. According to Police statement, eight shiites lost their lives as well as one policeman. The police had tried to disperse members of the group who were marching from Kano to Kaduna for the Ashura religious festival (annual Arbaeen Symbolic Trekking).

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A grocer Ilyasu Ammani told AFP, “the police arrived and started firing teargas canisters on the procession of Shiites to disperse them. I saw 15 bodies sprawled on the ground before the police evacuated them.”

Another witness Kabiru Mudassir said he saw more than “10 bodies being taken away in a police van”. “More policemen are being deployed and a military jet keeps circling the area.”Nigerian police said they opened fire on the crowd after one of their officers was hurt during the violent clash.

Police Opened Fire

A police officer under anonymity disclosed to the AFP that “they injured one of our officers and our men opened fire because they were becoming violent”.

In October, 10 IMN members were killed following clashes with security forces in the town of Funtua. They were also on the streets for religious celebration.