John Andah

Supporters of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are in two different worlds, with those behind Clinton in deflation and those standing with the republican in elation.

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At the Clinton ‘party’ in the Jacob K. Javits Center in Manhattan, picked for its purposeful glass ceiling, Clinton’s senior aides were nowhere to be seen.

Meanwhile, Trump supporters, in an event at the New York Hilton, found themselves whipped up into roaring frenzies of cheers, hugs and chants of ‘lock her up.’

Stone-faced Hillary Clinton supporters enveloped in agony as Trump surges in front.
This Clinton supporter obviously can’t believe her eyes as she looks on in despair.
A Clinton supporter just could not take it
But Trump faithful are in the world of excitement
Hats off for Trump
Selfies all the way for these republicans.
Group selfie of Trump supporters as the GOP candidate stretches lead over Clinton.
The mood for this Trump supporter in Florida could not have been different.