PipelinesA militant group, Niger Delta Defence Corps (NDDC), has threatened to continue blowing up oil pipelines in the region unless its members were represented in the dialogue.

NDDC, led by one General John Egbe, had threatened to blow up two pipelines in Delta and Rivers states. It noted that the failure to invite the group would have dire consequences as the group would carry out attacks.

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A major oil pipeline was blown up just hours after the first meeting between FG and Niger Delta leaders. The group claimed responsibility and served notice that more attacks will come.

“We, the Niger Delta Defence Corps (NDDC), are responsible for Trans-Forcados Export Trunk Line at Batan community in Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State. As we promised the Federal Government on Monday, October 31, 2016, more attacks will soon be launched.”

Niger Delta Elders Not Representing Us

Consequently, the group accused the Niger Delta elders of refusing to include its representatives in the Pan Niger Delta group. In addition, it berated them for giving the Federal Government the impression that they can influence militants in the region.

“Let the Federal Government hold Pan-Niger Delta Forum responsible for the attacks. They have not contacted us. The Federal Government should go to the media and contact all the groups and send us invitation and we will send our representatives. The Niger Delta leaders are aware that they cannot stop the bombing of oil pipelines. What they can do is to appeal which we can chose to ignore.”

He further stated that the Federal Government should hold the Pan Niger Delta group responsible for allowing the attacks. This is because they did not ensure a proper representation, especially of militants in the meeting.

 He said Chief Clark, King Diete-Spiff and do not have the capacity to call militant leaders in the region to order.