IDP camp in Adamawa State Photo: Nigerian Eye

Police have deployed 100 female officers to Internally Displaced Persons camps in Borno State, following allegation of abuse of women by camp officials.

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In its latest report, the Human Rights Watch, a non-governmental organisation, alleged mass abuse of girls and women by camp officials.

And Damian Chukwu, the Commissioner of Police in the state, said the command was taking steps to ensure the protection of IDPs.

“I have constituted a committee, led by the Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of the Criminal Investigation Department, with Divisional Police Officers and other senior officers, to take over the daily running of the camps.

”It is interesting to say that most members of the committee are females,” he said.

Female officers for the task

The female officers are expected from different divisions, to carry out 24-hour conversation with the women.

”I have also mobilized over 100 women police from different divisions, including mobile police women, to handle day-to-day interaction in the camps.

”The male officers will be limited to handling of the territorial coverage and patrol within the camps,” he said.

The objective, according to the commissioner, is to further secure the camps and give confidence to the thousands of women there.

“The deployment of women police is also to dig out true happenings in the camps regarding the allegation.

“We feel that the victims might not want to talk freely to men. But they will be encouraged to open up to women policemen if the allegation is true,”

He insisted that prior to the alarm raised by the international Human Rights organisation, the police had not received any complaint on the alleged abuse.

“In Bakassi camp for instance, we have five police units because every Local Government Area in the IDP camp has its DPO and other policemen, with all the complement of law enforcement,” Chukwu said.