KidneyResearchers at the University of Ibadan have developed an effective and cheap test to help diagnose bad or failed kidney. The new tool is expected to help identify acute kidney injury in resource-strapped settings.

The team evaluated the diagnostic potential of the saliva. They compared the levels of creatinine and urea in blood and saliva of patients with chronic kidney disease to healthy individuals.

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The cross sectional study included 50 patients diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, 50 patients undergoing dialysis and 49 healthy individuals.

Results of the urea and creatinine levels in blood and saliva samples were similar. The saliva test in individuals with chronic kidney disease sensitivity and specificity of 98% and 886%, respectively compared with healthy individuals.

Also, there was positive correlation between urea and creatinine levels in blood and saliva samples collected before and after in persons undergoing dialysis.

Similarly, they indicated the possibility of using saliva in the diagnosis and monitoring of chronic kidney disease.

Modalities Of The New Method

Meanwhile, a doctor at the University College Hospital, Taye Lasisi commended the new discovery. She said this at the Research Day 2016 of the College of Medicine, Ibadan.

She stated that the saliva based test is as effective as blood or urine to check for a bad kidney.

However, Dr Lasisi, stated the need for further collaboration with other experts to develop a test kit. This will use saliva for diagnosis and monitoring of chronic kidney disease.

This, she stated, would ensure that the saliva test can be carried out by the bedside instead of taking the sample to the laboratory. Also, no special training or equipment is required for sample collection and storage.