MilitantsMilitants have attacked another gas pipeline in Effurun-Otor, Delta State. This is in protest against proposed talks between the Nigerian government and leaders from the oil-producing region.

Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate Spokesperson, Aldo Agbalaja said in a statement that it would not support the talks.

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“In furtherance of the Operation Hammurabi Code, our Akuma strike team struck. It brought down the 32-inch Effurun-Otor delivery line.”

“This is not ending soon, we shall fulfil our promise of uprooting your entire assets in our land.”

The Effurun-Otor pipeline feeds the Utorogu gas plant that powers Lagos, a megacity of around 20 million people.

Militants Rejects Talks

The militants reiterated that the proposed talks on Tuesday would “never get our support.”

“Like we said before now, we are not opposed to a genuine dialogue between the FG and real representatives of the various nations of our region.”

“We are collecting names from the nations in the region. These people will sincerely and equitably represent our various peoples.”

A 2009 amnesty deal with militants helped end sabotage in the oil-producing southern swamplands. The violence reignited after Buhari temporarily ended amnesty payments. He also arrested a prominent ex-militant for corruption.