Secondary school students in Nigeria PHOTO: NAN

About 95 per cent of students writing Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination do not study, but pay their way out of school.

That is according to a Zaria-based Non Governmental Organisation, Teens and Times.

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The Coordinator of the NGO Nnenna Opigbe blamed the development on proliferation of ”miracle centres” and connivance of parents with schools to pass their children at all cost.

They pay to get good grade

According to her, the students have assumed that studying hard does not translate to good grades, so they pay to get good grade.

“When I interact with some of these students about their reading habits they will say aunty, do not worry, we will pass and their parents will pay and will pass.

“What worries me is that these students are intelligent, creative and innovative and could pass their exam on their own.

“But they feel there is no need to read since they will pay their way out and get the grades they need to get them into university or polytechnic, “she said.

She called for massive reorientation campaign to enlighten parents on the dangers of such practice to the future of their children.

“It starts from the home. Parents want their children to have all as against all odds.

“They should be interested in making their children get better academically, not just the certificate, “Opigbe said.

School owners guilty

She further stated that reading culture has declined in schools because most school owners were afraid of recording poor results.

“School owners are willing to do anything for students to gets good grades out of fear that parents may withdraw their wards to other schools due to poor performance.

“Schools should concentrate in developing these students for their own betterment and not mainly for the school pockets“.

The coordinator urged relevant government agencies to come up with strict regulations to stem all forms of examination malpractice, to encourage students to read and become better persons in the society.