Executive Secretary, NERDC, Prof. Ismail Junaidu, said the re-introduction of history as a subject in schools would be beneficial to the country.

Junaidu said that placing history under social studies was outdated, this had not given the subject the priority it deserved.

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“History is too important to be put under any umbrella or any cover. Putting history under anything is not good, because you have to give it the prominence it deserves.

“History should stand alone as a subject, particularly at the crucial stage of primary and junior secondary education.”

“Children will now clearly know who they are. They would know where they are and where they are going.”
“So it is clearly very important that.”

NERDC To Re-train Teachers On History Subject

Prof Junaidu said that the council would soon organise a workshop to re-train teachers with regards to the interpretation given to history. The workshop would enable the teachers to be abreast of the knowledge of history.

“Basically the challenge we have to deal with first is the retraining of teachers. Yes, the facts of history are clear but the interpretation we give to the fact matters.”

“So we want to have a workshop to re-train the teachers with regards to what kind of interpretation we should be giving to our history.”

“There are also challenges of textbooks to be written and the members of the Historical Society of Nigeria are well mobilised for that.”

NERDC Charges HSN, TETFUND On History Texbooks

The NERDC boss also said it has proposed to the Minister of Education and TETFUND with regards to production of history textbooks for Nigerian history.

He said that they are also proposing a visual production of the textbooks, which would assist the primary school level to learn about the history of the country.

“For instance, when you talk about our traditional rulers like the Ooni of Ife, the Emir of Kano and the Obi of Onitsha and so on, you need to teach by showing their pictures.”

“They must be able to also visualise not just by words of mouth but what they can see.”

Junaidu, however, called on the HSN to brainstorm and proffer solution on how to go about this.