TUC president Bala-Kaigama. PHOTO: NAN

The Trade Union congress has endorsed the use of mobile telephone for pension transactions.

The union’s president Mr Bobboi Bala-Kaigama disclosed this on Friday in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria.

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Kaigama stated that the union accepted the mobile option as it will accelerate the job of contributors and administrators.

He said, “it will quicken pension activities; will make the scheme easily available for almost everybody both in rural and urban areas.’’

“Yes we encourage the use of current technology, but again we implore the players that they should use only security tight technology for pension transactions,’’ Bala-Kaigama said.

He noted that the TUC, Nigeria Labour Congress, Nigerian Union of Pensioners, are board members of the Pension Commission that monitor and ensure nothing happened to the pension funds.

The TUC boss called on the government to constitute the board, adding “the board members have not been constituted for over two years now.’’

He also said that the board members were the institutional frameworks that monitor, and also carry out oversight functions.

Bala-Kaigama said that the way forward for Nigeria pension, particularly the contributory pension, was for the employers to keep remitting their own contributions regularly like the employees.

He noted that prompt and regular remittances from employers would quicken the payment of retirees’ benefits.