Border demarcation in Myanmar. Nigeria plans to do same on its border with Niger Republic

Dr. Muhammad Bose, Director General, National Boundary Commission (NBC), says the commission will soon erect demarcation poles on Nigeria’s boarder line with Niger Republic.

Bose made the disclosure when he visited the Emir of Argungu, Alhaji Samaila Mera, at his palace on Friday. “My visit to Kebbi is to sensitize the people of Dadin-Kowa in Arewa Local Government that the commission is set to construct demarcation poles on the border line between Nigeria border line with Niger Republic,” the DG said.

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“The commission enjoins the people not to see the artificial demarcation as something meant to cause disunity.

“Rather they should see it as a symbol of promoting unity, peace, mutual understanding, as well as social, cultural and economic development,” the DG explained.

He commended the people living in the border towns for exhibiting discipline and maturity.

Bose promised that the governments of Nigeria and Niger Republic would provide basic social amenities that would promote peaceful co-existence among the two countries.

Emir of Argungu agrees

Responding, the Emir of Argungu said the artificial boundaries created by colonialists did not divide Nigerians and Nigeriens. He said that rather than cause division, the demarcations promoted peaceful co-existence.

Mera said Nigeria and Niger Republic shared common historical antecedents, including religion, culture, tradition as well as social-economic background.

The Sole Administration of Arewa Local Government, Alhaji Abubakar Muhammad, also commended the commission for the visit. He assured that the people of the border towns would continue to promote peace in their domains.