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Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. VOA

Philippine President, Rodrigo Duterte, on his first state visit to China today, announced that he would be cutting military and economic ties with the United States, CNN reports.

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In his words, Duterte told the gathering in China, “I announce my separation from the US. Both in military, not maybe, but in economics also. America has lost me.

“Maybe I will also go to Russia to talk to Putin, and tell him that there are three of us against the world; China, Philippines and Russia.”

By this announcement, Duterte is severing the Philippines 7 year military, economic and also diplomatic ties with the US. This surprise announcement might not be unconnected with the help China reportedly offered to the Philippines two days ago.

The Philippine president lashed out at Obama in September

The Philippine president lashed out at Obama when the US president tried to discuss extrajudicial killings with him on September 5th 2016. He later apologized.

Though Duterte did not provide details of how he intends to break away from the US, the US will, however, be losing its closest ally and former colony in Asia if he makes good his threat.