A Vietnamese girl sets herself on fire after attempting to burn down school in a ruined social media dare. That’s according to a local media report.

In a viral video, the 13-year-old can be seen pouring petrol in front of a door at her school in the southern province of Khanh Hoa.

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Local media say the girl inadvertently set herself alight after lighting a match with friends cheering her on.

However, she received slight burns to her legs.

The unnamed girl had promised to set the fire if she received 1,000 “likes” on her Facebook profile.

Report says the dare is part of a recent social media fad known locally as “Vietnamese say, Vietnamese do’’.

Similar incident

Another gruesome video went viral in September of a man in Ho Chi Minh City. He apparently sets himself on fire and jumps off a bridge into a canal after receiving 40,000 Facebook “likes.’’

It said that neither his identity nor fate was ever confirmed.

And According to a social studies expert, Dr Pham Thi Thuy, it is a case of crowd psychology.

“This is a case of crowd psychology,as the mob rushes to `like’ those Facebook posts just for fun, which in fact leads to stupid acts by the young people involved,’’ Pham told newsmen.