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Air Force Jet

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has carried out a surprise attack on a Boko Haram camp in Goni Kurmi inside Sambisa General Area.

In a video released by NAF, two F-7Ni jets and one Alpha jet carried out the target bombings in Goni Kurmi. The bombings were part of Operation Forest Storm to eliminate retreating Boko Haram fighters.

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Director of Public Relations and Information (DOPRI), Group Captain Ayodele Famuyiwa, told newsmen that the operation was targeted at Boko Haram logistics. This includes ammunition, fuel depots, vehicle clusters and solar panels.

Multi National Joint Task Force (MNJTF) had gained ground in its operations in northern Borno. The clampdown made members of the terrorists group relocate to southern Borno in the Sambisa Forest, necessitating Operation Forest Storm.

Group Captain Famuyiwa said targets were carefully selected after a continuous Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR).

He added that there was no information about any specific Boko Haram leader being hit. He however said such is expected.