Abe Meets Trump, As Ivanka Is Touted For Ambassadorial Role

After the landmark meeting with Abe, widespread diplomatic concerns suggests American president-elect, Donald Trump, may appoint his daughter, Ivanka, as ambassador to Japan.


Habib Oladapo with Agency Reports

Japanese Premier, Shinzo Abe has described Donald Trump as someone “in whom I can have great confidence” amid speculations daughter Ivanka could be the next envoy to Japan

Abe told reporters after the meeting at the Trump Towers on Thursday. He said the encounter convinced him about the US president-elect.

“We were able to have a very candid talk over a substantial amount of time. We held it in a very warm atmosphere. Without confidence between the two nations, our alliance would never function in the future.”

Abe was the first world leader to see Trump since the elections. This is as several world leaders are scrambling to establish ties with new president. The meeting has however sparked concerns over US foreign policy and its commitment to security.

Ivanka Could Be Ambassador To Japan

Meanwhile, widespread diplomatic concerns suggests American president-elect, Donald Trump, may appoint his daughter, Ivanka, as ambassador to Japan.

Ivanka was present during the landmark talks between Donald Trump’s and Japanese premier Shinzo Abe. This seems to underscore the family’s influence as he prepares to take power.

The model-turned-business executive was pictured seated in the meeting with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the Trump Towers.

Despite the media shut out, images released by the Japanese government showed Ivanka and her husband, Jared Krushner standing and chatting with Abe.

Real estate developer and publisher Kushner and Ivanka, both 35, have emerged as key advisers to Trump all through his campaign.

Also seen standing in one of the photos was former general Michael Flynn, who has reportedly been offered the post of national security adviser.

Japan Look Forward To Ivanka

The Tokyo Sports newspaper carried an article headlined “Trump daughter-blonde beauty Ms Ivanka the next ambassador to Japan!?” on its website last Saturday.

According to the tabloid, Trump had secret plans to appoint her ambassador. She is expected to replace Caroline Kennedy, daughter of John F. Kennedy.

The presence of Ivanka, in a black-and-white dress and high heels, drew attention in protocol-conscious Japan.

A professor at the University of Niigata Prefecture, Yoshinobu Yamamoto, stressed her presence is unusual.

“It’s quite unusual to see a family member attending the first encounter between two leaders even if it’s informal. It indicates that she would be playing some important role in the Trump administration.”

“But it’s no surprise to see her there as she has already been involved in politics. Anyway, that’s the Trump way.”

“I don’t think the possibility that Ivanka would be an ambassador to Japan is zero, but it’s too early to say.”

Ivanka Trump is a key player in her father’s business empire and has her own fashion label and jewellery line. She also has an active Twitter and Instagram accounts that nourish her brand.

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