Whoopi Goldberg Whips Kanye ‘FOOLISH…IDIOT BOY’

Whoopi Goldberg calls Kanye West "A foolish idiot" because he didn't vote during the last presidential election in the United States of America.

Whoopi and Kanye
Whoopi and Kanye
Photo by Metro and Etonline

By Rashidat Akashat

Whoopi Goldberg isn’t buying Kanye West absence from voting during the last presidential election in the United States of America, as a matter of statement, she ‘s offended.

Whoopi Angry About Kanye’s Absenteeism

On Tuesday episode of “The View,” the host went on Kim Kardashian’s husband case, embittered that the rapper didn’t vote in the last election.

Whoopie said“I would like [Kim Kardashian] to say to him, ‘Listen, don’t you ever think that saying you didn’t vote was a good idea,’”

“Don’t you ever think that that was good. I don’t care who you would have voted for. People died for your right to not vote, you idiot boy. You foolish boy, idiot boy. Don’t ever say that again.” She added.

Albeit, while the ‘Sister Act’ actress cared less who his choice might be, her co-host Joy Behar was agitated that ‘Ye supported President elect Trump. She said that she would love to see Kim Kardashian and her husband argue over his choice of candidate.

“What I would like to see [on ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’] is Kim arguing with Kanye over you know who,” Behar said, Explaining that “because Kanye said he would have voted for him. That I would like to see.”

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