Ubi Franklin Bleak On Tekno’s Sony Deal

Ubi Franklin Says Tekno's recording or performing deal with SONY, has not been confirmed by the brand because they are unable to travel.

Ubi Franklin
Ubi Franklin

By Rashidat Akashat

MMMG boss, Ubi Franklin finally explains that his artiste, Tekno’s recording or performing deal  with SONY, has not been confirmed by the brand because they are unable to travel due to their busy schedule.

In an interview the MMMG granted to Buzz’r TV, he explains why Tekno has not been announced by the brand SONY as their artiste.

In his words : ”What we did the other day… You know, we’re in a very busy period. It’s difficult for us to travel. It’s not something you can travel and stay for one day and come back. So what we did was we had to seal up something, at least before next year.”

Ubi Franklin- We’ve Been Going Back And Forth

Franklin further explained that ” what we did was a preliminary signing. We’ve been going back and forth for like three or four months… So when the contract was right, we had to sign our copy here and send it to them. So when we go back there we’ll pick up our copy – the one they have signed as well.. That’s when they’ll officially announce it.”

What puzzles several online observers is that this is business and for businesses to thrive, they need to be attended.

Travelling to New York  for few days isn’t just going to end at paying bills, but Tekno would officially grow even bigger, and the order of how important this deal is to the artiste would be received by the brand as soon as they sign this deal.

Just to be clear, Tekno is a busy artiste and so is so and so, commercialization is another direction where money flows into the account of an artiste, sometimes faster and larger than the total amount he makes from the sale of an album. My point therefore is what can’t wait?

Mr Ubi Franklin should know better than to give this bleak excuses and act fast.

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