Producer Urges FG To Partner With Nollywood

A Nollywood producer Mrs Josephine Abraham urges the Federal Government to partner with Nollywood in rebuilding the mindset of Nigerians to positive values.

Josephine Abraham Talks On Nollywwood
Josephine Abraham Talks On Nollywwood
Photo by Doro TV

By Rashidat Akashat with agency report

A Nollywood producer, and wife of popular comedian Akpororo, Mrs Josephine Abraham, urges the Federal Government to partner with Nollywood in revamping the mindset of Nigerians from negative values.

Nollywood An Industry For Vibrant Attitudinal Change

NAN reports that Akpororo’s wife said on Wednesday in Abuja said that movies have always been a vibrant tool of reorientation which impacts great attitudinal change.

” I think we do need a lot of reorientation and attitudinal change for us to be able to move to the next level as a country,” she said.

Adding that “If Nigeria is unable to move from where it is right now and everybody is sitting and waiting that everything will change, then nothing is going to change.” Suggesting that without this change, there’ll be no advancement.

Josephine talking on action said “I think government should channel its efforts in the reorientation of Nigerians; it should not only be talk-driven.”

“The government should partner with Nollywood because people who don’t want to read  or listen will like to watch movies; so government can use movies to reorient them,’’ the movie producer suggested.

Josephine also said that now that Nigerian entertainment industry has started to gain more ground in the whole world, this is the best time to use the movie industry as a tool for media imperialism.

She said “it was a great opportunity to sell our country positively through entertainment to our fellow countrymen so that they begin to change their minds to work decently and do things differently.”

She urged the government to think of areas where they could partner with the Nigerian entertainment industry to channel the minds of Nigerians toward changing their mindset, that there was the need for people to change their mindset and attitude for the country to move forward.

“If you prosper so much in Nollywood industry, and you make so much money and fame and your country is in shambles, then it is equal to nothing.’’


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